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Personal Savings

With our wide selection of personal savings accounts, you can be sure that your funds are safe, secure, and earning a competitive rate of interest.

All accounts earn interest from day of deposit to day of withdrawal and, at Northwest, your savings are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

For current interest rates and terms or a full disclosure of all terms and conditions for these accounts, please contact your local Northwest banker.

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  • Deposit and withdraw at any time, bank by telephone, and see your statement by mail or online with a Statement Savings Account from Northwest.

    • Competitive interest compounded quarterly.
    • No withdrawal penalties
    • Quarterly Statements
    • Service charge of only $2.00 per quarterly cycle is applicable should your average daily balance for the period fall below $100.00
    • Additional services include:
      • Automated telephone banking, 24/7
      • Direct Deposit
      • ATM Card


  • We still offer traditional Savings Passbooks Accounts, security you can hold in the palm of your hand.

    • Convenient, traditional passbook record of all transactions and interest.
    • Competitive interest compounded quarterly.
    • No withdrawal penalties.
    • Additional services include:
      • Automated telephone banking, 24/7
      • Direct Deposit

  • Higher interest than regular savings with the convenience of instant access in person, electronically or by check.

    • Combines high money market interest, an FDIC-insured investment, the convenience of one-stop banking, plus easy check writing access to your funds - all for an investment of $1,000.
    • Interest rates depend on the daily balance of your account.  The higher the balance in your account, the higher the interest.
    • Unlike money market mutual funds, Insured Money Fund accounts are insured by the FDIC up to the maximum amount and are not subject to principal fluctuations.
    • Should the average daily balance in your account fall below $1,000 during a montly statement period, your account will be charged a service fee of just $5.
    • The Insured Money Fund is a savings account and subject to federal transaction limitations.
    • Additional services include:
      • Automated telephone banking, 24/7
      • Direct Deposit
      • ATM Card


  • Lock in higher rates of return on your savings deposits from a few days to several years. The longer you save, the more you earn.

    • Certificates of Deposit offer higher interest rates than traditional savings products and allow you to "lock in" a set rate for a fixed term that you choose depending on your needs.
    • Terms range from just a few days to as long as ten years.
    • The interest rates these accounts pay depend on the term you choose and the movements of national money markets, but the rate in effect when you open or renew your account remains fixed for the certificate's full term.
    • Choose to have interest transferred automatically to your checking or savings account, credited to your account balance, or mailed to you by check.
    • A substantial interest penalty may be imposed for withdrawals from certificates of deposit made prior to maturity.


  • Be ready for your retirement years. Start saving now with an Individual Retirement Account tailored to meet your individual needs.

    • Because your IRA carries tax benefits, your nest egg can grow faster than with regular savings.
    • Choose from these Northwest savings products, a Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposit, our 18-Month Variable Rate Certificate of Deposit, or the IRA Money Fund Account.

  • Whether you need funds for holiday shopping or your dream vacation, saving regularly with a club savings account will help you be ready.

    • Holiday Club - November to October
    • Vacation Club - May to April
    • At the end of each Club period, Northwest credits interest to your account balance and transfers the balance to your Checking or Savings account or issues you a Club check for the balance.


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Don't Forget The Extras

Opening your Northwest account is just the beginning, donít forget these extras to make your experience more rewarding!

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